Get powerful technology with a proven ROI:


Accelerate projects by selecting reagents in 30 seconds vs 12 weeks


Reduce hard cost of consumables and save millions per year


Empower organizational purpose by restoring research time to scientists


See real business impact from AI with a proven, turnkey application

Antibodies were just the beginning

Backed by Google’s AI fund, Gradient Ventures, BenchSci is the industry standard for antibody selection.

Over 41,200  scientists in 15 of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies and more than 4,450  academic institutions use BenchSci’s AI-Assisted Antibody Selection to plan more successful experiments, with proven savings of millions per year in hard costs alone. But antibodies constitute just 40-50% of reagent failures.

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The interface

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Choose more reagents with confidence

Select the right reagents in seconds while avoiding unnecessary and redundant development and validation work.

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What began with antibody selection now encompasses all reagents, including:


Representing about 40-50% of reagent waste, with millions of products and hundreds of vendors

Recombinant proteins

Often the second highest source of waste after antibodies, with a similar number of products and vendors


Challenging to search for, with many not cited by SKU, and a need to find through other means such as sequence


Fundamental to molecular biology experiments with many elements to consider when selecting

Cell lines

Critical tools whose common misidentification and misuse can have a devastating impact on research projects


One of the most important new gene editing technologies, with the need to select vectors, nuclease, guide RNA, screening libraries, and trans-activating RNA

Trust in comprehensive open- and closed-access data

Get comprehensive experimental evidence, reagent catalog data, and independent validations within a single search interface.

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Get rapid adoption with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface

Designed to be easy-to-use, BenchSci requires minimal training and is adopted quickly within organizations.

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Deploy unparalleled biomedical AI technology with minimal effort

Extract and contextualize data from the world’s scientific literature, all in the cloud.

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See how BenchSci can reduce consumable costs and accelerate projects in your organization

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