Build preclinical triumphs with ASCEND.

Discover biological connections, surface contextual experimental evidence and uncover risks early to move the most promising projects forward faster.

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Augment due diligence & hypothesis generation based on evidence and feasibility.

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Inform therapeutic strategy

Uncover potential targets by exploring biological connections between proteins, pathways, disease and other entities through a self-assembling systems biology view of experimental evidence.


Prioritize targets

Triage thousands of potential genes to select the most viable targets to pursue with a comprehensive picture of their linkages in the underlying biology of disease.


Validate hypotheses

Uncover scientific evidence to support prioritized targets and mechanisms of action.

Develop optimal experimental approaches to investigate hypotheses of interest.

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Identify risks to support successful transfer to IND submissions and clinical translation

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Get powerful technology with a proven ROI:


20-25% efficiency on experimental reagent spend.


An average of 1-1.5 years of acceleration per R&D program.


25% of projects identified a new indication to explore or an additional target gene not previously considered.


33% of projects identified a safety or efficacy risk early in the project lifecycle.

See how ASCEND can accelerate projects in your organization.

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