Our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion helps our work community thrive and strengthens us as a team

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are vital to our success as a company; research shows that more diverse teams outperform less diverse ones.1 More importantly, social injustice perpetuates a lack of equitable outcomes, resulting in disproportionate barriers to the success of underrepresented groups.

Here's how our DEI journey has progressed over the past year.

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1 David Rock, and Heidi Grant. Why Diverse Teams Are Smarter. Harvard Business Review, November 4, 2016.

As a company that values continuous improvement of ourselves and our world, we consider the work and commitment to DEI to be our collective responsibility. Not only is it the right thing to do for our business, it's the right thing to do—period.

– Liran Belenzon, CEO

Our three-fold approach to DEI


We believe education is integral to catalyzing systematic change at the individual level. To facilitate this, we are working to develop informative DEI resources for our team, including:

  • Foundational DEI workshops around anti-bias, empathy, allyship, microaggressions, and discrimination
  • Inclusive leadership training for all managers and open to all team members
  • Inclusive hiring training for hiring managers and recruiters
  • A centralized resource of information that promotes inclusivity
  • Company-wide access to Crescendo to equip team members with customized learning paths that are tailored to their current knowledge levels


We are building a culture where everyone feels like they belong. To this end, we are actively and deliberately encouraging conversation around DEI by:

  • Acknowledging and celebrating important and commemorative dates
  • Building a group of DEI sponsors to support and encourage company-wide engagement around DEI conversations
  • Holding DEI “Office Hours” for supporting individuals and teams who have questions or are seeking support with how to embed DEI into their work


Building a diverse team that is reflective of the world we live in is important to us. To accomplish this, we are intentionally focusing our efforts on hiring, promoting, and developing talent in an inclusive manner by:

  • Restructuring our recruitment processes to ensure we are mitigating bias at every step of the hiring process
  • Launching BenchSci Forward, our platform for change focused on the advancement of social issues such as diversity in STEM, mental health, and climate change
  • Providing flexible parental leave, with the option of 75% top-ups for 20 weeks or 15 designated Parental Leave Days
  • Providing mental health benefits for all team members, including mental wellness coverage up to $2,500, personalized executive coaching, regular mindfulness sessions, and extra vacation time
  • Conducting a pay fairness analysis to ensure our compensation practices are equitable

We have an opportunity to help make the world a better, more inclusive, more equitable place.

By investing in DEI, we all benefit.

Throughout our DEI journey, it is essential we maintain accountability by creating transparency around our commitments, both internally and externally. We will conduct a semi-annual diversity survey to ensure our approach is based on conclusive data and share the results externally.

Learn about our accessibility commitments and our long-term plan here.

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