Our goal

We're proud that our technology positively impacts the world. BenchSci Forward extends this impact by directly improving health, the environment, and social justice. By applying our FASTT values, we aim to rapidly Forward progress on these issues.

Our initiatives

Diversity in STEM

Many historically disadvantaged groups are underrepresented in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) roles and continue to face systemic and disproportionate barriers that impede their entry and progress in these fields.

Their ability to benefit from employment in this fast-growing segment of the job market is limited.

This, in turn, inhibits the world benefitting from their diverse ideas and perspectives.

We work to increase the representation of underrepresented groups through:

  • Donating to and otherwise supporting diversity-advocating organizations
  • Disseminating supportive literature and other diversity-encouraging information
  • Providing mentorship, internship, and sponsorship for promising underrepresented STEM talent
Organizations we support:

STEMHub Foundation provides free STEM educational programs and one-on-one mentoring for underrepresented groups to foster skill development and help them advance their careers.

The Knowledge Society teaches young people about new technologies with highly engaging, interactive programs to unlock their full potential and empower them to solve the world’s biggest problems.

Mental health at work

Almost 20% of adults suffer from mental health issues each year, and more than 70% of adults experience at least one symptom of stress.1

Mental health issues affect not only those people, but their loved ones and society at large as well.

Yet mental illness remains stigmatized.

We work to increase mental health awareness through:

  • Donating to and otherwise supporting organizations focused on workplace mental health initiatives
  • Disseminating supportive literature and other stigma-reducing information
  • Setting an example by adopting and developing workplace mental health best practices to ensure our team’s wellbeing, which includes giving every team member access to:
    • Up to ten free therapy sessions per year
    • Personalized coaching from our trained clinical psychologist
    • Regular mindfulness sessions
    • A free Headspace account
    • Extra vacation time and additional days off
    • Mandatory mental health training for managers

You can learn more about these benefits on the BenchSci Careers site.


Organizations we support:

Rise is the only national charity in Canada that provides people with a history of mental health or addiction a path toward sustained self-employment through training, resources, mentorship, and low-interest microloans.

Climate-positive business

There is indisputable evidence that climate change is happening as a result of human activity, and the already devastating effects will become more so without immediate action.

Industrial activity, transportation, and electricity generation contribute more than three-quarters of carbon dioxide emissions that drive climate change.2

Therefore, businesses are responsible for acting and setting an example through their production processes, transportation use, and energy consumption.

We will do our part through:

  • Auditing and reducing our carbon footprint and going beyond carbon-neutral, aiming to offset 10% more emissions than we produce through initiatives such as:
    • Moving to a LEED Platinum-certified office
    • Migrating to renewable energy-powered cloud servers
    • Partnering with Less Emissions to offset remaining emissions, including team members' work-from-home emissions, by purchasing CSA Standard-certified Canadian offsets
  • Donating to and otherwise supporting organizations that take concrete action on climate change
  • Advocating for more businesses to commit to climate-positive actions


Organizations we support:

Nature Conservancy Canada inspires others to create a legacy for future generations by conserving important natural areas, which absorb and store carbon dioxide, and biological diversity across all Canadian regions.

Less Emissions helps individuals and organizations mitigate emissions quickly, effectively, and with the highest quality offsets available in Canada and worldwide.

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