HOBOKEN, N.J.—April 5, 2018— John Wiley and Sons Inc. (NYSE:JW-A) (NYSE:JW-B) today announced that it has partnered with BenchSci, a life science machine learning software startup, that aims to improve the speed and effectiveness of selecting biological products for experiments.

Biological products are critical to biomedical discoveries. For example, antibodies allow researchers to detect the presence of specific proteins. BenchSci's software allows researchers to choose the correct antibodies in minutes. Choosing the right biological products is critical to an experiment's success.

“Wiley is keen to ensure that the content we publish is discovered and accessed by researchers who need it, when they need it,” says Duncan Campbell, Director, Global Sales Partnerships, Wiley. “Machine-learning can play a key role in accelerating content discovery in the lab environment, as BenchSci’s technology, and this partnership, demonstrate.”

Wiley’s partnership with BenchSci addresses this challenge by combining Wiley’s rich scientific content with BenchSci’s industry-leading machine learning technology. BenchSci will decode relevant biological product data in Wiley publications and make it more discoverable by scientists on the BenchSci platform. Scientists can use the insights to make more informed decisions about biological products.

“We’re excited to incorporate Wiley’s scientific content into the BenchSci platform,” says Liran Belenzon, CEO, BenchSci. “Researchers rely on BenchSci for fast, relevant, accurate insights about biological products. To deliver these insights, our machine learning technology reads the scientific literature. With this partnership, its reading list now includes more of the world’s top scientific publications. This, in turn, means more insights to inform the next big discoveries and breakthroughs.”

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BenchSci’s mission is to end reagent failure to drive discovery. For biomedical researchers who are starting experiments, BenchSci is a reagent intelligence platform that transforms published data into experiment-specific recommendations to reduce time, money, and uncertainty in planning materials and methods. Unlike PubMed, Google Scholar, reagent directories, and vendors, BenchSci uses machine learning to decode open- and closed-access data and present published figures with actionable insights. Academic scientists can sign up free at www.benchsci.com.