AI-Assisted Reagent Selection and Experiment Design

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AI-Assisted Antibody Selection
AI-Assisted Reagent Selection

Product updates

September 17, 2019  |   Update
  • Notice faster filters? We improved their performance
  • We also improved the flow for users signing up through Ariba SSO
September 9, 2019  |   Bugfix
  • Fixed an issue when removing filters on the product search results and switching to the figure tab caused figure results to reload multiple times
September 5, 2019  |   New feature
  • New search functionality is now available to all users, allowing you to search more naturally, as in Google, while getting accurate results that you expect on BenchSci
September 3, 2019  |   Bugfix
  • Fixed bug with figures reloading on app initialization
August 15, 2019  |   Update
  • Launched new data mapping for better accuracy and more antibody use cases—now at 8,436,019
August 12, 2019  |   Update Bugfix
  • Sped up app loading for logged-in users
  • Fixed bug with excluding companies in filter causing an error with no-SKU products
August 6, 2019  |   Bugfix
  • Fixed a few bugs in the side filter for product searches
  • Fixed a few other minor bugs, including for product pagination, and reactivity filtering
August 1, 2019  |   Update
  • Launched data update with improved bioinformatics, resulting in 638,000 new use cases, 584,000 new products, 3 new vendors, and 572,000 new figures
July 29, 2019  |   Update
  • Released "smart search" for academic users—a new, more intuitive search interface (we'd love your feedback)
July 22, 2019  |   Update
  • Improved side filters for product search, making filters for availability, company, host, reactivity, clonality, clone ID, PTM, conjugation, specificity, and kits filters much faster
July 15, 2019  |   Update
  • Improved side filters for figure search, making filters for supplier, host, and reactivity filters much faster
  • Also vastly improved search speed for clone ID and cell line filters (by about 13x, if you're wondering)