AI-Assisted Reagent Selection and Experiment Design

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AI-Assisted Reagent Selection
AI-Assisted Antibody Selection

Product updates

February 4, 2020  |   New feature
  • We are excited to announce the launch of our new product AI-Assisted Reagent Selection!
January 30, 2020  |   Update
  • Another big data update!
  • Added ~437 new antibody use cases and ~145K published figures
  • Added 464 additional verified antibody products
  • Added ~211K new antibody products
January 20, 2020  |   Update Bugfix
  • Another big data update!
  • Added ~1.5M new use cases
  • Improved microbial mapping
  • Added ~8K additional verified antibody products
  • 4 new vendors have been added to the platform: VWR, BioGenex, Antibody Genie, and ELISA Genie.
  • Some minor bug fixes
January 2, 2020  |   Update Bugfix
  • Big data update!
  • Added three new vendors, Arbor Assays, REPROCELL and ichorbio
  • Fixed bugs with the technique side filters
December 3, 2019  |   Update Bugfix
  • Big data update!
  • Added three new vendors, Aeonian Biotech, InvivoGen and National Institute for Biological Standards and Control
  • Added an additional 1.4k unique verified antibodies
  • Improved bioinformatics graph and added more antibody use cases
  • Fixed bugs with the sort by impact factor feature on the Figures page
October 31, 2019  |   Update Bugfix
  • Big data update!
  • Added two new vendors, BioVendor and AbboMax
  • Improved data within the organism tested filter
  • Fixed bugs with the tissue context filter which caused some inconsistencies
October 16, 2019  |   New feature
  • Added verification to side filters
  • Added verification identifiers on figures and products
October 7, 2019  |   New feature
  • Added aliases to side filter
September 30, 2019  |   Update Bugfix
  • Fixed a few bugs and made some enhancements to SSO login
  • Improved a few UI elements
September 26, 2019  |   Update
  • Big data update!
  • Updated figure context filters to combine all synonyms for organism tested, cell line, cell type, tissue and disease filter content into one index term (like we do for protein), which provides a more comprehensive search result and a better user experience
  • Added two new vendors, Eurogentec and Cell Sciences
  • Updated catalogs for more than 17 vendors
September 23, 2019  |   Update Bugfix
  • Used new search functionality to improve showing related figures when you're viewing a figure
  • Squashed some small bugs
September 17, 2019  |   Update
  • Notice faster filters? We improved their performance
  • We also improved the flow for users signing up through Ariba SSO
September 9, 2019  |   Bugfix
  • Fixed an issue when removing filters on the product search results and switching to the figure tab caused figure results to reload multiple times
September 5, 2019  |   New feature
  • New search functionality is now available to all users, allowing you to search more naturally, as in Google, while getting accurate results that you expect on BenchSci
September 3, 2019  |   Bugfix
  • Fixed bug with figures reloading on app initialization
August 15, 2019  |   Update
  • Launched new data mapping for better accuracy and more antibody use cases—now at 8,436,019
August 12, 2019  |   Update Bugfix
  • Sped up app loading for logged-in users
  • Fixed bug with excluding companies in filter causing an error with no-SKU products
August 6, 2019  |   Bugfix
  • Fixed a few bugs in the side filter for product searches
  • Fixed a few other minor bugs, including for product pagination, and reactivity filtering
August 1, 2019  |   Update
  • Launched data update with improved bioinformatics, resulting in 638,000 new use cases, 584,000 new products, 3 new vendors, and 572,000 new figures
July 29, 2019  |   Update
  • Released "smart search" for academic users—a new, more intuitive search interface (we'd love your feedback)
July 22, 2019  |   Update
  • Improved side filters for product search, making filters for availability, company, host, reactivity, clonality, clone ID, PTM, conjugation, specificity, and kits filters much faster
July 15, 2019  |   Update
  • Improved side filters for figure search, making filters for supplier, host, and reactivity filters much faster
  • Also vastly improved search speed for clone ID and cell line filters (by about 13x, if you're wondering)