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We decode published figures to help scientists find antibody usage data

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Harnessing the power of machine learning
We have decoded millions of scientific papers and extracted over 2,191,100 antibody usages in the form of published figures. On BenchSci, you can also view 3,415,146 images from publications, vendors and independent organizations.
Find the right antibodies in minutes
  • Search by protein, gene, or clone ID
  • Filter figures by technique, cell line, disease, and more
  • Find antibodies that have been proven to work across the scientific literature
Make informed decisions, faster
  • Compare over 3.9 million antibodies from 170+ vendors
  • Bookmark and organize favorite figures and antibodies
  • Share findings with your colleagues
  • Link directly to publications and suppliers
Why scientists love using BenchSci
“This platform has certainly made things a lot easier. It takes a lot of time to find an antibody and validate whether or not it will be useful. A platform like BenchSci is much needed and long-overdue.”
Dr. Melissa Perreault
Assistant Professor
Molecular & Cellular Biology, University of Guelph
“I shared BenchSci with our scientists and many of them have reported back to us as to how amazing the software is because they could so easily obtain antibody information and then select the best antibody for their application based on published data, saving them hours of searching.”
Laurie Kennedy
Research Associate and Flow Cytometry Facility Manager
Cummings School of Medicine, University of Calgary
“I was able to find publication data that support the use of an antibody I needed on BenchSci within minutes. It usually takes me several hours to find such information. Really impressed!”
Akhil Nair
PhD Candidate
Institute of Medical Sciences, University of Toronto
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