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Our mission is to exponentially increase the speed and quality of life saving R&D to improve the health of patients.

We do this by applying cutting-edge AI to understand how disease biology works at scale throughout the drug discovery pipeline to solve the number one reason why drug discovery projects fail — getting the biology wrong.

ASCEND, our disease biology GenAI platform, understands the entire history of biomedical experiments to create a scalable AI assistant for preclinical organizations.

Our Timeline
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We taught a computer to read and understand experiments like a biologist
Our founders Tom Leung, David Q. Chen, Elvis Wianda, and Liran Belenzon met at the U of T Creative Destruction Lab in 2015. Together they built, tested, and validated an AI solution to the antibody reproducibility crisis. This captured the attention of Google’s AI fund Gradient Ventures, who led BenchSci’s A-round and raised $10M to develop the technology and the business.
Then built an enterprise AI solution to Reagent selection
In 2017, BenchSci launched its first application, AI-Assisted Antibody Selection, to help scientists reduce experimental failure. The solution used both experiment-specific text ML and proprietary vision ML models that could understand the type of experiment being conducted. Next, our team expanded the technology to guide the selection process of many reagents.
Now we power research at the world’s biggest institutions
Within three years, more than 4,300 leading academic research institutions and 16 of the top 20 pharma companies were using our AI solutions. More than 50,000 scientists began relying on BenchSci to support their experiment decisions.
Project Butterfly: The world’s first evidence-backed map of disease biology
What scientists discovered was that BenchSci and our visual ML had built the first objective map of the underlying biology of disease. So, working in secret with top partners and global pharma R&D leaders, we launched Project Butterfly—an attempt to use this transformative technology to solve the biggest challenges in pre-clinical research. iNovia and TCV supported this initiative with a $50M Series C round.
Our next step: ASCEND
The portfolio success platform developed during Project Butterfly was given the name ASCEND, as it is designed to take the discovery and development of medicine to new heights. It augments scientists by giving them an unmatched understanding of disease biology in a platform that democratizes that understanding in all therapeutic areas. With ASCEND, our aim is to increase the speed and yield of the R&D portfolio by multiples, not percentages.
Series D Funding
BenchSci announces the completion of its Series D funding round led by Generation Investment Management. The significant investment enables BenchSci to further enhance the AI-powered platform ASCEND, expand offerings, and continue to empower scientists with the tools they need to accelerate drug discovery and improve patient outcomes.
Augmenting our approach with Generative AI

Having embraced GenAI as early adopters several years ago, we have diligently assessed recent technological advancements. Subsequently, we have made the decision to integrate GenAI into our platform in an ethical and responsible manner. This incorporation spans various aspects, ranging from data extraction and contextualization to enhancing user experience through features such as summarization and conversational AI.
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Our Leadership Team
Our Leadership team brings a diverse array of expertise from pharmaceutical, machine learning, science, and business backgrounds. United by their determination and compassion for people, they are dedicated to building a company that will transform how life-saving medicines are discovered.
Liran Belenzon
Chief Executive Officer
Tom Leung
Chief Science Officer
Elvis Wianda, Ph.D.
Chief Data Officer
Casandra Mangroo
SVP, Product and Science
Eran Ben-Ari
Chief Operating Officer
Yan Liu
SVP, Technology
Chad Malek
EVP, Sales
Nika Stelman
VP, Talent
Bryn Knox
Chief Financial Officer
Brian Smith
SVP, Account Services & Delivery
Michelle Lenarduzzi
VP, Key Accounts
Arnab Kundu
VP, Customer Insights & Value
Loren Perelman
VP, Science
Rasheed Ahmed
VP, Business Operations
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