Our Advisory Board

BenchSci’s Advisory Board is composed of experts in life science research and development, culture, and machine learning technology. These advisors provide us with strategic input and guidance in their respective areas of expertise.

Science Advisors
Matt Truppo
Global Head of Research Platforms for Sanofi
Philip Larsen
Former SVP and Global Head of Research at Bayer Pharmaceuticals
Philip Tagari
Former VP of Research (Therapeutic Discovery) at Amgen
Scott Oloff
SVP and Global Head of Data and Analytics at Roche Pharmaceutical
Steve Hitchcock
Former Chief Scientific Officer at Takeda Pharmaceuticals
Sylke Poehling
SVP and Global Head of Therapeutic Modalities at Roche Pharmaceutical
Culture and Technology Advisors
Jean-Michel Lemieux
Former CTO/VPE Shopify & Atlassian
Jessica Neal
Venture Partner at TCV
Richard Zemel
Professor of Computer Science at the University of Toronto

At BenchSci, we value and seek diverse opinions, perspectives, and backgrounds. We acknowledge that we still have work to do in creating a more inclusive and representative advisory board. A gender gap in STEM fields exists, which we seek to help change by investing in the development of diverse STEM talent through our BenchSci Forward platform for change.