BenchSci Leadership Principles

Leadership at a company plays a vital role in creating an inspiring, motivating, inclusive culture, where everyone feels valued both as employees and people. At BenchSci, no matter our role or title, we’re all committed to living our Leadership Principles every day. These principles define how we approach every new idea, project, and initiative, and how we work together as a team.


Lead by example

A leader never asks or expects from others what they wouldn't ask or expect of themself.


A leader presents information clearly and truthfully and can find the balance between what is publicly and privately shared.

Delegation is key

A leader can empower their team with clear and specific deliverables that support overarching objectives.

Make thoughtful decisions and act fast

A leader makes decisions in a timely manner. They define and analyze problems using the information available and build educated assumptions for unclear areas. They can make decisions with limited information, under tight deadlines and pressure.

Always act with integrity

A leader is committed to doing what's right.

Come from a place of curiosity and trust

A leader does not jump to conclusions or make unfounded assumptions but instead seeks to understand the path of decisions that lead to the outcome.

Autonomy, purpose, and mastery

A leader provides autonomy to team members to take full ownership and achieve their goals and objectives. They motivate others by communicating a clear vision and inspiring purpose.

Be optimistic and cautious at the same time

A leader is always thinking about the future. They exhibit confidence and optimism, especially to those who look up to them. They are also humble and cautious about potential risks and challenges and don't allow arrogance to result in short-sightedness.

Strong convictions, loosely held

A leader can make decisions using sound reasoning. When presented with information that contradicts their original position, they are open-minded in updating their view.

Strive for excellence

A leader is driven by setting high standards for success and supporting their team to achieve it. They do not stop until the team is proud of what they accomplished.

Be candid and direct

A leader provides direct and objective feedback from a place of caring and positivity. They see constructive feedback as an opportunity for personal improvement. They do not avoid providing feedback that may be difficult to hear.

Show vulnerability

A leader is confident in their abilities to discuss their strengths, weaknesses, and limitations. They apply empathy when problem-solving and are not afraid to ask for help. A leader consistently checks their ego at the door.

No one cares what you know until they know you care

A leader takes a ”people first” approach to managing their team. They show interest in both the work and personal lives of their respective team members. They build trust through meaningful relationships and can provide empathy when needed.

Fostering relationships with cross-functional teams

A leader maintains strong relationships with other teams and understands their needs and objectives. They foster a collaborative environment and actively eliminate communication silos.

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