BenchSci SHOW UP Leadership Principles

Leadership at a company plays a vital role in creating an inspiring, motivating, inclusive culture, where everyone feels valued both as employees and people. At BenchSci, no matter our role or title, we’re all committed to living our Leadership Principles every day. These principles define how we approach every new idea, project, and initiative, and how we work together as a team.



Leaders can't lead others before they lead themselves. Self-leadership begins with self-awareness and grows with a commitment to continuous improvement. Real leaders don’t only set the standards, they demonstrate them. Leaders at Benchsci show vulnerability by asking for feedback and sharing their weaknesses, lead by example, and strive for excellence.


Being honest with others and yourself is essential. It builds trust, and is the foundation of team performance. Leaders at BenchSci practice radical candor with their colleagues, don’t shy away from having hard conversations, and always perform their role with integrity by making the hard decisions thoughtfully and fast.


Leaders have strong convictions but they are loosely held. A team can’t follow a leader that doesn't believe in the path taken, but real leaders invite feedback in an inclusive way on their decisions. Real leaders let go of their beliefs when they learn they were wrong.


Leaders put "we" before "I." Teams are the bedrock of success at BenchSci. It starts with having top talent in every position, and ensuring everyone checks their ego at the door. It continues with empowering our teams by delegating, and setting stretch goals while being optimistic and cautious at the same time. Finally, our leaders ensure our teams have autonomy, purpose and mastery.


A leader checks their ego at the door, seeks to understand, and listens to their team, embracing differences and new perspectives not previously considered.

Psychological safety

Research shows that psychological safety is crucial for a team’s success. We create and maintain an inclusive environment of trust and safety by being transparent, vulnerable, come from a place of curiosity and trust, and respond instead of react. A great leader asks themselves: Are they a learner or a knower?

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