ASCEND is an evidence-based platform to accelerate drug discovery and complex research workflows across therapeutic areas.

ASCEND is powered by our evidence engine, built from ontologies and multi-modal AI to understand the entire history of biomedical experiments with explainability and domain expertise.


Why we are different


Data Foundation

Access to the most comprehensive biomedical dataset including closed access papers, patents, preprints and third party data.


Internal Data Integrations

Integration of internal pharma data (ELNs, sharepoints, materials) across all TAs with enterprise grade security and service.


Biology Specific Multimodal AI

Multimodal biological LLMs focused on understanding experiments from both text and figures. Powerful GenAI without hallucinations and with scientific explainability


Scalable Enterprise Grade Software

Not just a model or graph, scalable enterprise grade software solution to support workflows that have never been mapped before.



Not just a technology company. Science-first solution with scientific support and onboarding. Over 100 scientists working hand-in-hand with 100 engineers and AI experts.