Experiments are the lifeblood of R&D, yet most fail to advance the study of drugs and targets

Reasons for this include:



Many experiments are unnecessary duplicates due to a lack of visibility into prior experiments.

Unusable Results

Unusable results

Other experiments may fail to produce useful data, for example, if a suboptimal antibody fails to detect the presence of a protein.



Even when an experiment seemingly succeeds, scientists are often unable to replicate the results due to various factors.

It isn’t scientists’ fault this happens; they simply don’t have reliable access to the information that would enable them to prevent it. That’s where BenchSci comes in.

BenchSci returns time to scientists and increases research velocity

We exponentially increase the speed and quality of life-saving research by empowering scientists with the world's most advanced biomedical artificial intelligence.

Using machine learning, BenchSci puts the world’s biomedical knowledge at scientists' fingertips


Curate the world's most extensive collection of data from life science experiments and vendor catalogs


Decode and organize the information with proprietary machine learning models


Provide rapid insights in a clear, intuitive interface with turnkey deployment across an enterprise


Curate the world's largest collection of data from life science experiments and reagent catalogs

BenchSci Curates Data


Decode and organize the information with reagent-specific machine learning models

BenchSci Decodes Data


Provide rapid insights in a clear, easy-to-use interface with turnkey deployment across an enterprise

BenchSci Presents Data

Our powerful technology is easy to use

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BenchSci is the world leader in AI-Assisted Experiment Design

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16 top 20 pharma companies trust BenchSci, along with over 50,000 scientists working at more than 4,500 institutions worldwide


Companies using BenchSci save millions per year in hard costs alone**

** Based on proprietary customer spend analysis. Depends on a number of factors, including a company’s total annual reagent and model system spend and its waste ratio.
If we had BenchSci, we would have saved three months on our project
— Scientist at top 15 pharma company

Scientists using BenchSci move faster, with less time searching for and validating reagents and model systems

eighty three percent

Over 80% of scientists say that BenchSci accelerates their work^

^ On average, from surveys conducted on hundreds of industry scientists across various therapeutic areas and geographies.

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With proud support and funding from F-Prime, Gradient Ventures (Google’s AI fund), Inovia Capital, and TCV

Increase experimental success and research velocity with BenchSci

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