BenchSci helps scientists:

Find the appropriate reagent or model system vs. testing 10-50

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With BenchSci, the appropriate reagent or model system for an experiment is often the top or only recommendation, negating the need to test 20 or more over a period of months.
The quality of the data is the number one value-add. On BenchSci, I can narrow the field down to 2 or 3 candidates, compared to 10 or 20.
— Industry scientist at top 20 pharma

Accelerate projects stalled by inappropriate reagents or model systems

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Avoid repurchasing relabeled products

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Reduce testing redundancy and improve collaboration

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Find critical experiment design insights

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Customer Impact Video
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Watch a scientist describe why she likes using BenchSci and how it augments her decision-making.

BenchSci enhances the speed and quality of science

Organizations that use BenchSci see a number of benefits, as outlined below. These values are averages, determined from our proprietary R&D Health Scan, which uses our machine learning technology to measure patterns of R&D efficiency and performance by analyzing reagent and model system spend data across cost centers at large pharma organizations.


Quantifiable productivity gains

BenchSci enables an organization to investigate 2 to 3 times the number of targets by reducing the time and material costs associated with project pursuits.

Spend reduction

With BenchSci, a typical large pharma sees a decrease in reagent- and model system-related hard costs of millions per year.


Avoidance of unnecessary custom products

BenchSci helps significantly decrease custom product orders, ~33% of which are unnecessary due to having a commercially available alternative.

Recouped scientist capacity

By providing data at the point-of-decision, BenchSci prevents organizations from spending over 1M research hours per year on experiments that do not advance an asset.


More precise indications of impact can be derived by performing an R&D Health Scan at your organization. Results are presented and compared against like-sized pharma while offering insights across every therapeutic area, cost center, geography, vendor, and product type.

See if your organization qualifies for an R&D Health Scan