Toronto, CANADA, June 20, 2022 -  BenchSci, a global leader in machine learning applications for novel medicine development, launched a new employee choice program at Collision 2022. This inclusive benefits package includes a flexible lifestyle spending account for all team members, an extendable learning and development budget, an employee celebration budget, and a 90-day travel and work plan, letting employees travel and work outside their home country.

“We want our team to feel fulfilled and do the best work of their lives. Nobody knows how that it is done better than the team members themselves,” says Liran Belenzon, CEO of BenchSci. “It has been proven to us again and again that if we invest in our team’s success–by giving them real flexibility and choice–our company’s success will follow. That is not just a nice-to-have. That is my responsibility to all stakeholders and the right way to run a business.” 

With the employee choice program, each team member receives a lifestyle spending account that can be used for any type of service or product across three categories: wellness, lifestyle, and productivity. There are no other limits or exclusions. If the purchase positively impacts a team member’s wellbeing and fits within the categories, it will be reimbursed. Examples include childcare, gym memberships, meditation apps, non-work-related courses, ergonomic equipment, and video game consoles. 

“We started with VR headsets and meditation apps that were popular but wanted to think bigger about how we could meet team members' unique needs,” says Vanessa Ribreau, Chief People Officer at BenchSci. “With the new program, employees can still purchase those items if they choose, but the real benefit is that they have the choice. Whether they want to spend their stipend on childcare and their internet bill or use it to purchase tickets and games, each employee gets the flexibility to choose what they want and, most importantly, need.”

Other policies launched with the employee choice program include:

  • Roam Like You’re Working from Home - Enables team members to travel and work outside their home country for up to 90 days per year
  • Bring Joy to Someone - Provides managers with a budget to celebrate team members’ milestones both at work and in life (e.g. weddings, new home, graduation, illness, etc.)
  • Own Your Own Development - Each team member receives an annual budget to spend on courses, with the flexibility to increase the amount if needed, plus access to LinkedIn Learning

The employee choice program was developed with two central themes in mind: freedom and responsibility. BenchSci believes that each team member is most capable of determining their needs when it comes to doing their best work. Providing greater flexibility to choose where and how to spend on benefits, courses, and travel will prompt more innovation and creativity at work while meeting people where they are. The program will continue to expand as new policies are created to support the company’s expanding team in hypergrowth. 

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